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LF Driscoll Safety 360 - Structure Tone
LF Driscoll ensures the health of the work-sites and sets a high standard for safety excellence. Click to learn more details.
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Our Safety 360° initiative is a pillar of our identity as a company. We believe that our employees should never worry about returning home safely, and our clients should never worry about the safety of their staff and visitors.

Our approach to safety is different; for us safety is a passion, not an obligation. Every employee at LF Driscoll receives annual safety coaching from our dedicated Safety Department that includes role plays of scenarios tailored to specific work environments; lessons-learned discussions and new best practices; and leadership training so that every employee is a voice for safety. We expect continuous growth and innovation from our teams, which ranges from adopting new technology to testing cutting-edge emergency and safety measures.

In turn, our investment in safety benefits our clients who avoid safety-related impacts to their projects and rest assured of their staff and visitors’ safety.

GBCA Safety
Excellence Award

Construction Safety
Council leadership

Hospital of the University
of Pennsylvania since 2005;
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
since 2010; Philadelphia Museum of Art since 2018


We foster a 360° view of safety physically and philosophically. We expect active engagement from each employee in his immediate environment, as well as awareness of activities above, below, and adjacent. It also means that we look out for one other’s physical and mental safety, and that every LF Driscoll employee is empowered to speak up.

Shared Responsibility
Each and every employee receives annual safety coaching. We believe that the best way to increase accountability is to increase responsibility, so LF Driscoll superintendents and project managers are as engaged in safety as our dedicated Safety Department team members.

A key component of our approach is avoiding risky behaviors all together, as behavior is the primary contributing cause of over 80% of accidents. Much of our training is on high-risk situations, and identifies proper safe behaviors while empowering people to reward those behaviors. In 2017 we completed a collective 2,633 hours of in-house safety training.

Our coaching takes a preventative approach, and is defined by positivity rather than enforcement and punishment.


In May we celebrate safety, adding to our “tool box talks,” aggressive zero-tolerance policies, “five guys and a sandwich” lunches for open dialog between project managers, superintendents and anyone on site, daily safety walks of each site, and more. Each year we expand our Month of May activities in support of our Safety 360° program, bringing greater awareness to our employees, their families, and our clients and design teams.

Every LF Driscoll project site hosts its own Safety Day in May that includes procedure and product demonstrations, coaching, speakers and lunch for the entire team. We join OSHA in its National Stand-Down to prevent falls in construction and host additional awareness initiatives to keep safety at the forefront for everybody, everywhere, everyday.

Download our 2019 Corporate Safety Manual >