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STO Building Group | Volunteering & Community Engagement
STO Building Group is dedicated to every local community it serves. Recently, STO Building Group NYC has worked with Make-A-Wish to make a child's dream room. Employees frequently volunteer, fundraise, and engage in community-focused events.
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Community Engagement

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STOBG CARES: Community Competition at Pavarini North East

ACS Relay for Life

The pandemic has made hosting community and social events difficult over the past year. As the US Northeast began to reopen, the employees at Pavarini North East (PNE) wanted to find a way to get back to giving back and safely seeing coworkers outside of the office.

That’s when the PNE team came up with an idea. “We thought, what if we make it a contest?” Joanna Surdyka, PNE marketing specialist says. “So we divided the company into four teams, each with a team captain and a ‘draft.’ Each team is required to complete at least one charity event by the end of October.”

The Orange team, led by Brian Wargin, recently completed an event with Iona College’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life organization. On top of raising awareness and $1,439, the team was able to spend time outdoors honoring those we’ve lost. “Unfortunately, just about every one of us have either battled or watched a loved one lose the fight to cancer,” Wargin says. “The American Cancer Society represents years of commitment to this cause, providing an extensive source of just about anything related to the disease to help make it survivable. It was great to enjoy the company of the group away from the office and for a great cause.”

When members of the Blue team suggested donating to a food drive, they partnered with Person-to-Person, a community agency that provides basic goods and services for those in need, to help sort food items. The team worked together to sort through bins of donated food, get rid of anything that had expired, and fill grocery bags for families in need. “It has been a tough year for everyone, but this event showed me that there are so many good people out there who want to help others,” says Eileen Gleeson, Blue team captain. “It reiterated how important team effort is, and it made me hopeful for all of us as a community.”

As the teams continue the competition, for Surdyka, everybody wins in the end. “The competitive part of it gave everyone a little extra boost, all while helping great causes,” Surdyka says. “While we’re not yet sure how we’ll determine a winner and their prize, that wasn’t really the point. It’s been so fun to see our teams come up with ideas and get everyone involved.”

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Bags full of toys donated in Toy Drives.


Pairs of jeans worn to raise $1,430 for multiple charities


Bags of groceries collected, plus a $10,000 donation

We’re a family-oriented company, built on a fundamental commitment to create permanent, positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Since our founding, creating lasting and positive impact in the communities we work in has been an essential part of our core responsibility and values. Employees frequently volunteer, participate in fundraisers, and engage in other community-focused events. We support, encourage, and recognize our employees’ brilliant efforts to help address causes and improve our communities.

We are so proud of our employees’ efforts from chairing major events to raising desperately needed funds for surgery, to building a new playground, and working with high school students interested in construction and engineering careers. Staff throughout our organization invest their time and resources to make an essential and lasting difference in people’s lives.

STOBG Local Heroes

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At STO Building Group, we celebrate our local heroes: the very men and women within the STOBG family who have proven their commitment to doing the right thing and serving the greater good. Whether near or far, on the job or in their communities, the STOBG Local Heroes go above and beyond the expected to help make the world a better place.

June 1, 2021

ACS Relay for Life

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A small group from Pavarini organized a remote event in Stamford to support Iona College’s American Cancer Society – Relay for Life organization. Along with raising awareness and a donation totaling $1,439, the team was able to spend some time together safely outdoors, in honor of those who we love and have lost.

May 5, 2021

STOBG Earth Day

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When it comes to Earth Day, STO Building Group raises a green thumbs up! Volunteers from Structure Tone New York did their part in preserving our environment by tending to sidewalk tree beds in Brooklyn.

April 22, 2021

Community, STNJ

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Year after year, Structure Tone’s New Jersey team commits their time and energy to local environmental charities, contributing to sustainable practices and conservation. They participate in the Clean Ocean Beach Sweep and team up with The Greater Newark Conservancy and New Jersey Audobon Society as a way to connect with nature and the community.

April 22, 2021

Courage Ride

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Abbott Construction has always been a fixture in its communities, from supporting local schools to joining the fight against hunger. But one of their longest-standing relationships is with the Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation, who they have been supporting for over 30 years through the foundation’s annual Festival of Trees and Gala and Children’s Courage cycling fundraiser. Through the Abbott/Layton joint-venture, STO Building Group will be collaborating with the Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation to create an entirely new event. The goal is to raise an additional $500,000 over the four years that the team will be working on the new children’s hospital project.

December 4, 2020

Govan Brown Bee Project

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Meet the GBeesGo to! Govan Brown is raising a colony of bees who will forage for nectar and distribute pollen within a 5km radius of their hive benefiting the biodiversity of the neighborhood. They started out with 500 bees and will end up with over 100,000 by the end of summer!

August 13, 2020

Mask Donation, STSW

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With 24-hour news coverage, social media at our fingertips, and circumstances changing by the hour, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the “bad” of the COVID-19 pandemic. But moments of crisis also bring opportunities to show up for the communities we live and build in. Here are few of the ways the offices across STOBG came together to spread hope and give back to their communities. 

April 8, 2020

St Dominic's Dinner

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Over 1,350 leaders of New York City’s business and labor industry came together to celebrate and raise money for Saint Dominic’s Family ServicesGo to, a nonprofit organization that helps special needs children, adolescents and adults lead productive lives. Hosted by guest emcee, WABC meteorologist Amy Freeze, the dinner raised over $1.6 million for the 140-year-old community organization. STO Building Group executive vice president Eugene Peter White is chairman of the dinner committee.

February 10, 2020

Creative Art Works

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Since 1986, Creative Art Works (CAW) has been giving under-resourced neighborhoods the opportunity to empower kids through art. By providing the materials and direction to hone career-oriented skills, actualize creativity, and engage with the community, CAW is helping young people develop the confidence and connections they need to thrive. One of their most impactful programs pairs groups of kids with artists to create lasting murals in their community. STO Building Group’s journey with CAW began 21 years ago. A client, Boston Properties, introduced the company to the cause and the STOBG team began donating office supplies, paint, brushes, ladders, and tarps to their budding summer program.

January 2, 2020