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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction – Safety Stories | STO Building Group
When it comes to safety culture in construction, accountability is key. Read our Safety Story on the importance of eye and face protection.
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Safety Stories - Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Construction Safety Story

A Safety Story from Structure Tone New Jersey’s Safety Manager

We were pouring concrete footings for pipe supports and our carpenter foreman, Mike, had to be reminded to wear his safety glasses. Hours later, Mike came in to the trailer with a look on his face, sat down next to me and thanked me. Then, he handed me the broken safety glasses.

During his shift, the concrete truck was using the chute to displace the concrete. Mike had been standing near the truck watching the pour when he turned his head as the chute was swinging towards him. The chute broke his glasses and left a small scratch on his forehead. Mike never had to be asked to wear safety glasses again.