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Sometimes what seems like a small courtesy can lead to big things down the road. A few years ago, for example, STO Building Group’s New Jersey team assisted Atlantic Health System (AHS) with some budgeting for proposed projects..
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Sometimes what seems like a small courtesy can lead to big things down the road. A few years ago, for example, Structure Tone’s New Jersey team assisted Atlantic Health System (AHS) with some budgeting for proposed projects..

The team hit it off, and since that small effort in 2016, AHS has worked with Structure Tone on over 60 projects, from minor door changes
and repairs to a $38M overbuild.

The first project we bid with them was their new pediatric center at Chilton Medical Center,” says Joseph MacInnes, Structure Tone New Jersey healthcare sector leader. “After our performance successfully met their expectations, our opportunities with AHS have really taken off.”


With five hospitals across its network, AHS is constantly working to ensure its facilities are up to speed with ever-evolving technologies and fully meeting the community’s healthcare needs. One of the system’s larger efforts to date is the expansion of the Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute building at Morristown Medical Center, which vertically added two floors of private patient rooms on top of fully occupied five-story cardiovascular patient floors. Structure Tone managed the entire construction process, starting with an intensive preconstruction phase through to installing all the structural steel, curtainwall, HVAC systems, elevators and stairs, and interior fit-out.

“The project had many complexities, from keeping the building water-tight during steel and curtainwall connections to phasing shutdowns for HVAC work,” says MacInnes.“We preplanned all of these core-and-shell items in detail with AHS and executed the plan successfully.


Together, the combined team has also completed such significant projects as a new children’s center at Chilton Medical Center and a new hybrid operating room at Hackettstown Medical Center, as well as dozens of upgrades, replacements, renovations, and relocations. Through these larger efforts and the smaller projects in between, they have become a unit of sorts and fully understand each other’s needs and ways of working.

“We’ve probably worked in every different type of environment they have. At this point, they know how we operate, and we know what they are looking for,” says MacInnes. “That collaborative trust and team approach is what they want from their project team.”

On the Hackettstown operating room project, for example, the Structure Tone team had been working with AHS long enough to understand and recognize their typical approach to equipment and noticed that it didn’t appear in line with that norm. “We were reviewing the plans for coordinating the clinical engineering drops with the regular IT drops before roughing them in and noticed it didn’t quite align with the changing technology requirements of operating rooms,” says MacInnes. “We met with the design team and AHS to coordinate the required infrastructure in the plans before rough-ins. We all look out for each other and the greater good of the project.”


That sense of team among AHS, Structure Tone, the design teams, and subcontractors has bonded the group and developed an
exceptional level of trust—which is why, in part, AHS continues to work with them.

When we tell them we’re doing something, we do it,” says MacInnes. “They rely on us to use our expertise to be an extension of their construction department.”

And it all stems back to that minor, initial budgeting effort. “We recognize that oak trees come from acorns,” says Erik Sletteland, vice president of business development. “If a developer client of ours is having trouble with, say, curtainwall on a project, we bring our internal experts into the discussion to help with solutions. As a company, we do whatever we can to add value, irrespective of the size of the opportunity.”


PSTO Projects with AHS

Pediatric center
X-ray room replacement
Lobby renovation
Breast center renovations
ICU/PCU renovation
MRI renovation
Pharmacy renovation
ED security booth

Rehab unit relocation
Emergency room renovation
Psychiatric center bathroom renovations
LINAC replacement
Clean room pharmacy upgrades

Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute overbuild
Cardio and pulmonary center rehab
Elevator equipment replacement

Nurse station upgrades
X-ray equipment replacement
CT scan replacement
Pysch ED restroom renovations

Pharmacy upgrades
Master plan preconstruction
MRI replacement