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Structure Tone Projects - QVC Technical Operations Center
Structure Tone is a global leader in construction management and general contracting services with offices located in the US, UK, and Ireland. Founded in 1971, the company is among the world’s top twenty construction companies worldwide, responsible for more than $3.5B in annual construction volume.
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QVC Technical Operations Center

Structure Tone managed the construction of a new state-of-the-art television Technical Operations Center (TOC) for the world’s leading video and ecommerce retailer, QVC. The project included the shell-out of a second-floor mezzanine area, with walls and a new egress stair for a future fit-out, and comprised a total of approximately 13,200sf throughout two floors within the existing warehouse area of the broadcaster’s Studio Park corporate headquarters and technical facility in West Chester, PA.

Below the mezzanine area, the Structure Tone team fitted out two 4500sf TOC data center rooms and associated electrical distribution rooms. Each TOC room has an 18-inch raised access floor and holds 100 broadcast data cabinets installed for future equipment loads. The team also installed a high-visibility glass wall at one end of the space for corridor viewing into the TOC area.

Power distribution is provided by dual feeds from existing substation switchboards that power double-ended switchboards, static switches, power distribution units (PDUs) and local A-side and B-side remote power panels (RPPs) to serve an average of 2kW of load per cabinet. Other power-supply features include a conduit bank with feeders to an existing substation and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), new switchgear, static transfer switches (STSs), power distribution/cabinets, grounding grid, equipment racks and access floor tile.

Cooling is handled by 24 in-row Liebert CRV cooling units (12 per room) with a supplemental outside air roof-top unit (RTU) with humidification and a partial cold-aisle containment system integrated with the equipment racks, with sliding doors at the end of aisles and a mid-aisles’ door to contain air. We also put in 24 in-line computer room air conditioners (CRACs) with rooftop condensers.

The rooms are fire protected by dual pre-action dry systems and FM-200 clean agent in both the ceiling and below the raised floor.

Additional project highlights include:

  • Saw-cutting and excavation of slab for installation of new structural footings for structural steel
  • Erection of new structural steel framing including a 13,000sf slab on the mezzanine level
  • Roof dunnage steel for new mechanical equipment
  • New split-system units and humidification for TOC HVAC
  • Air handling unit (AHU) for future HVAC on second-floor mezzanine
  • LED light fixtures to showcase the TOC rooms
  • Glass separation wall to employee corridor
  • Site security including daily badges for contractors and daily lists of on-site personnel provided to security

A key challenge was to schedule construction to not interrupt the 24/7 live filming and broadcasting operations occurring in multiple studios, or the loading dock and warehouse activities. Our project team coordinated closely with QVC to schedule necessary live system shut-downs during off hours and low impact times.

Additionally, the rooftop placement of a 300-ton crane required coordination with QVC and security, as well as area shut-downs during the lift and an FAA permit due to the height of the crane jib to hoist the crane.

Structure Tone also managed a simultaneous stormwater upgrade project on the QVC campus. This required coordinating both projects to avoid any interference that might have restricted access to either of the projects.




West Chester, PA




PDR Corporation

Project Duration

17 weeks



Owners Rep

Griffin Partners, Inc.


IA Naman


Best of 2010 – Excellence Interior Design by Texas Construction

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